The twins are graduating and I need help finding the perfect gifts!!!

The Twins are graduating. The siblings I never asked for (and tried to send back) are all grown up and it is freaking me out! Seriously I still see A in his fireman pajamas and Z with her blonde ponytail smack dab on the top of her head sitting at the kitchen table falling asleep in their cereal as I got ready to go to school. I got to see 18 halloweens, 18 birthdays, 1 bar/bat mitzvah, countless bickering matches/hugs/nights-watching-star-trek-by-the-fire-place/life moments and I left two years ago but now that they are also leaving we all seem like real adults in a real adult world. So with that in mind I started looking for graduation gifts.

Why is the gift important?

Well, that’s a tough question. This isn’t about being materialistic or lavishing them with things. The gifts I try to give are about telling someone that they are important and that I think about them. But these gifts are about more. Moving away is really hard- anyone who says different is either a liar or had a really terrible childhood. So having little things from the people in your life can really make a difference. My room is filled with things from other people. I have a photo album from one friend, old notes from my grandparents, a blanket from an aunt, a pillow pet from C and a thousand other things around my room because they remind me of home and people and memories that I find comfort in.  Therefore it is really important to me that I give them something that is tangible.

Also, I kind of have a reputation in my family as the best gift-giver and it would really suck to be usurped.

I have been searching for weeks for the perfect gifts that I can afford on my I’m-a-really-broke-college-kid budget. I have found nothing. Nothing sums up “I’m your big sister and I want you to do well and have fun and call me every once in a while and try not to get into too much trouble but if you do I’ll have your back unless it’s a felony” attitude that I would like my gift to convey.

Graduation is a big milestone because, while I never doubted they would graduate, it is something they worked really hard for and have earned. I would really lie to properly acknowledge their achievement because lets face it, as their older sister I’m pretty sure I’m at least partially responsible for how awesome they are!

So if anyone has any ideas please please PLEASE let me know (I’m running out of time)!

Here are the ideas that have been nixed thus far (please keep in mind that I crack myself up):

  • Pillow case that says “make good choices”
  • anything hockey themed
  • coffee mugs with star trek quotes
  • coffee mugs in general (but hint hint if anyone is shopping for moi)
  • cozy blankets (they are both going south…)
  • “the naked roommate”
  • Anything “Keep calm and ________”
  • flasks/shot glasses/ect (for Dad’s sake)




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